Providing family style childcare
in the community for over 25 years

Children's Center for Discovery, Inc. has been providing family style childcare in the community for over 25 years. Our classrooms are environmentally rich and our Discovery Curriculum is designed to foster your child's imagination and to help him/her develop a love of learning that will last a life time.

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Our Philosophy
Group activities and discovery areas are the primary focus of our educational programs. Learning through play allows children to learn to make choices and to assume responsibility. Our “ Let’s Play, Let’s Learn, Let’s Discover “ hands on learning method helps to develop self-esteem and promotes individuality.
Summer Camp
(Ages 5-12) CCFD Summer Camps are Epic, Awesome! CCFD Rocks! That's how they are described by our Campers. Our Campers are one the go every day of the week. Each week is filled with energized field trips that are selected by our campers and staff. That's right... our campers are included in the decisions about their trips and activities. This group decision making is what helps our campers be young leaders and good decision makers. Before leaving each day on their field trip, the campers and staff sit down for group chat. The day and trip is discussed and the campers are made aware of the event in full.

By. Being a inclusive member of camp gives them positive sense of responsibility, accountability, and most important a HERO! The campers all strive to be a CCFD HERO, which is our camp stands for:

This simple but honest Mantra helps children from a basic core value of individual, but also promotes positive group relationships.
Learning Programs

Your child is unique! That's why we have developed curriculum's with each individual child in mind. We offer programs for children 6 weeks old to 12 years old.

Infant Care / Toddlers
Their infant/toddler suite provides high quality care for your child and are looking after you and your baby's future. New moms love all the care and comfort that CCFD provides. From the cozy areas for drop in Breastfeeding to conversations about day to day milestones, they make sure your family is in good reliable hands. Not only is your infant and toddler cared for, they are guided through early milestones of learning and of course discovery. Their classrooms are filled with stimulating music, exercises, mirror play, and even sign language. As the children grow and toddle through their world, they find a discovery around every corner.This stage of development keeps everyone on their feet...literally! The connection between the infant/toddler caregiver and child is what helps make a difference in each one. The daily communication reports are another great resource. Communication of meal time, nap times, toilet training and activities gives the parents a glimpse of their day. As a parent, that genuine care for their child makes for a great partnership that connects their family with our CCFD family.

Two Year Olds
On the move....this best describes our twos. They are terrific learners at this age. They begin to understand group or parallel play and become more responsive to social groups. Their vocabulary is expanding through simple sight words littered throughout their classroom environment. Every letter begins to connect with sight and sound. The blend of teacher interaction through natural play encourages language development and helps the children learn to develop their ideas into words and sentences. CCFD also have group activities help foster social skills.

This stage of development is crucial for your child's future. A good preschool can make a difference in your child's future years. CCFD creates programs for your preschoolers in a fun and stress free environment. They get to explore fun activities such as music, science, math, language arts and manipulative play. CCFD promotes activities through their "Let's Play, Let's Learn, Let's Discover'' mode of learning. This style of hands on experiences leads the children through progression of natural and simplistic learning.

(3 and 4 year olds)
This program will engage your child's individual focus on varied learning skills. They will learn the necessary focus points such as Math, Science, Language and Literacy and Arts, Social and Physical Development. CCFD create lessons tailored to meet your child's needs, giving them opportunities for exploration, questions, communications and creation in a fun supportive environment. CCFD also tracks the children's progress through work sampling, observation and photographs of your child's learning in the classroom.

Kindergarten Readiness
CCFD has developed this class for our students who miss the age requirement (5 by September 1st) of the Maryland State Department of Education. This class has a lot of the lessons that are being taught in Kindergarten. Every child will have a portfolio containing work sampling, art projects, assessment worksheets, progress reports, photographs, certificates, and teacher notes. Progress will be assessed through learning tools and reports to ensure your child in on track for the primary grades. These assessments are forwarded to their Kindergarten teacher to help evaluate each child's learning level. CCFD holds Parent/Teacher conferences quarterly to keep parents engaged and connected with their child's education.

Before and After School
As the School Age kids say...CCFD ROCKS! This program is a perfect combination of fun, friendship and learning. At this stage they learn to make friends. This will give opportunity for school-ages children to spend time with their friends before and after school. Friendships are important...but so is Homework. Our teachers help ensure that good study and homework habits are followed through at the center. The teachers guide the children through their homework lessons with helpful explanations of process. Parents appreciate the extra help with life's busy schedules.
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Learning Programs


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Learning Programs
What parents are saying
Our daughter has attended daycare at the Children’s Center for Discovery for nearly 2 years now. It has been the best decision we have ever made for her as far as daycare is concerned. The staff is very pleasant, attentive, caring, knowledgeable and informative. The summer camp the staff runs is the awesome and is packed full of adventures every day. The director, Bonnie, knows exactly what she is doing and she does it well. We could not have hand-picked a better group of teachers for our child and who is thriving beautifully under the care of this wonderful staff.
George & Kelli W
/ Waldorf

We are so happy to have our two year old daughter at CCFD. Her excitement to attend class is obvious when she talks about her teachers, friends, and the things she is learning. Concerns that I communicated with staff were addressed quickly. I love that the staff members genuinely care about the children.
Jennifer B
/ Mt. Airy

While researching and visiting all of the other daycare facilities in Waldorf, my husband and I happened to drive past Children’s Center for Discovery - Waldorf (CCFD). As I rang the doorbell, I wondered how this place would compare to the others we had already visited. We were immediately and enthusiastically greeted by the Director and taken on a thorough tour of the entire facility. We met friendly educators for all of the age groups who appeared to be actively engaged with the children and decided that this was the place for our precious 3 month old. On a daily basis, we are impressed by the new things that she has learned. Who could’ve imagined that an 18 month old would know her complete alphabet and be able to count to 20? My almost 3 year old is an articulate, free-spirited, independent thinker thanks to her time at CCFD. My family and I thank the staff for the investment it has made into Kyndall and her future.
Laval and Tanja B
/ Waldorf
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Our Locations
Monday - Friday 6am to 6:30pm
(301) 798-0223
3917 Chaucer Ct
Monrovia, MD 21770
Monday - Friday 6am to 6:30pm
(301) 843-1010
3610 Leonardtown Road
Waldorf, MD 20601
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